East London Gymnastics Club Achievements 

Time and time again East London Gymnastics Club, along with widely renowned IPC Lorraine Atkinson, has produced world class gymnasts. This year has been no exception with a hugely successful year in women's artistic!

Recently, our club gymnasts took part in the Future Stars competition at Huntingdon Gymnastics Club where, as always, ELGC stormed the podium to receive their well-earned medals. The gymnasts competed across all levels (Novice – Advanced) and pieces to get their spots on the podium.


In the Novice level all-around, we had two gymnasts in the top ten (Emma & Bella) with Bella narrowly missing the third-place podium spot and Emma with a 7th place ribbon secured. Bella held a bronze on floor & Jaida-Marie with a gold on vault (4th overall) in the individuals which will only leave us hungry for more in the next competition.


For the Intermediate all-around, we saw a blur of blue gymnasts cover the podium with ELGC spread across the top three spots (1st: Bethany, 2nd: Sienna and 3rd: A’sheerah) as well as Andrea and Bethany winning 4th and 6th place respectively. As for the individuals, we witnessed yet another ELGC whirl of sapphire invade the podium with Bethany winning a silver on beam, A’sheerah bringing home bronzes on bars and beam as well as a silver on floor. Our second-place all-around competitor Sienna performed well winning silver on bars in the individuals and a wonderful show put on by Bethany smashing it home winning 2 golds on floor and vault accompanied with a silver on bars to secure the all-around gold.


Things were looking great as we moved toward the Advanced category, and so, hopes were flying high for the gymnasts as we approached the end of the day.


Our Advanced All-Around gymnasts enjoyed a clean sweep of the top four places in this category with Sadie in 4th position, Morgan on the bronze podium, Emilia in 2nd place and Amy winning the gold in 1st position. Individually, the girls performed extremely well winning all podium spots across all pieces! On bars, we had Amy winning the bronze medal, Morgan just ahead in 2nd place and Sadie taking the top spot on the podium. Beam saw Morgan win a bronze medal and a tie for first place between Emilia and Amy (ties are not broken in gymnastics competitions. The tied gymnasts will have the same rank and subsequent ranks will be skipped hence why there is no silver medal for beam in this instance). Vault had three clear cut podium places with Emilia winning the bronze, Amy gaining a silver and Sadie with a second gold medal. Floor saw another tie but for the silver medal this time. We had Emilia and Amy tying for second while Sadie racked up her third gold of the competition.


As a special mention, we had Shanei compete in a separate, level 4 competition where a hard-fought bronze medal was won.


Huge congratulations to all the gymnasts who competed and a big thank you to all of you who supported the club and competitors! Our expectations were not only realised, but surpassed by all gymnasts across all categories and really put some meaning into the words “Future Stars”.

Morgan, Sadie, Emilia, Amy
Beth M, Beth W
Morgan, Sadie, Emilia, Amy
A'sheerah, Andrea, Sienna
ELGC Squad
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