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The Theme is
"Out of this WorlD"


We strongly advise to buy your tickets online before the event to reduce queuing and delaying others from entering the building that do have tickets.

Things to do before the Competition Day.

1. Only Children that have been registered can compete.

2. Check the group and time your child is performing (we will issue a list which will be in reception with groups and times) 

3. Turn up on the day at least 10 mins before hand.

4. Please have your ticket confirmation with you to present to Reception in exchange for a wrist band, If there is more than one adult with the gymnast, we advise while one parent is getting wristbands, the other adult should take the child upstairs to book the child in for registration, once done you will be asked make your way down into the main gym.



Tickets will need to be purchased for spectators 4 years and over.

The child/children competing will not need a spectator ticket as you should have already paid for their entry.

Arriving late may mean your child misses out and will not be allowed to compete.

Please please make sure you are on time.

The theme is "Out of this world" the interpretation is for you to decide and decorate a banner with their name on (this will be held up by your child as they march into the main gym before competing). Awards will be given for the best banner creation. 

Above all else, this is for fun.

We want the children to have fun and it be an exciting time for them to show off their skills to their loved ones, that each one of them have learnt, although we will be scoring and have medals/awards for the winners,  It is not about the scores or how good one child is against another, It is purely for fun and a chance to demonstrate to you their progress this year.

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