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Our General Classes are fun and exciting for boys and girls of all abilities and ages from 3yrs - 14yrs! All of our General Gymnastics programmes follow the British Gymnastics Proficiency Award Scheme! Please see our enrolment process if your looking to enrol your son or daughter.

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Pre-School Gymnastics 3yrs - 5yrs

Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday

 4:15pm - 5pm


9am - 9:50am

General Gymnastics 5yrs - 14yrs

Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday

5pm - 8pm


4pm - 8pm


10am - 3:30pm


We are a high performance centre and have the ability to take gymnasts up to the highest level in gymnastics. All of our pre-school  gymnastic classes are 45 minute sessions, all general gymnasts sessions will start with an one hour sessions. Once gymnasts are in their age group, gymnasts will then be placed into ability groups. From here your gymnasts will be constantly monitored by our coach's & head of general gymnastics. If selected your gymnastics will be moved up in our General Gymnastics program ranging up to 3 hours per week. From here they may be selected for our advanced general program or our Squad development plan. From here your gymnasts may be selected to enter our elite or squad program in our elite gymnastics hall. 


Waiting List 

Please Read Carefully!

This is a Brand-new service to East London Gymnastics Centre, here is all the information you need to know when placing your child/children on our waiting list.

How it Works?

We run general gymnastics classes Monday to Saturday, whilst signing onto the waiting list you will be unable to select a specific Class, day or time. You will need to select the waiting list option. Once your child or children are on the waiting list and you are close to getting a space, you will be contacted via email or phone before the start of the new term. We will take down your availability on the days and times your son or daughter are able to attend. You will have 24 HOURS TO RESPOND to the email/phone call.

We will also give you all the information on when you will be contacted regarding confirmation of the space and the date when payment will be due.

If your unable to take one of these classes offered to you, you will retain your position on the waiting list and will receive the next space available on the day or time you have specifically requested. If you do not respond to the email within 24 hours you will be automatically deleted from the waiting list.


 Once you have accepted a class you have been offered, a payment is to be made online via our online parent portal. If the payment isn’t made with in the specified time, your space will automatically be re-released. To the next person on the waiting list! 

How Long Could you be Waiting for?

Unfortunately, there is no saying on how long you could be waiting, for example If no one leaves our general gymnastic classes we will not have any spaces available.

Pre-School & General Gymnastic Classes

Monday -Thursday Pre school 45min Classes

3yrs – 4yrs  / 4:15pm – 5pm

Saturday Pre school 45min Class

3yrs – 4yrs  /  9:00am – 9:50am


Monday – Thursday General Gymnastics 1hr sessions Classes

5yrs - 7yrs / 5pm - 6pm

8yrs+ / 6pm- 8pm

Friday General Gymnastics 1hr Hour Classes

5yrs – 7yrs / 4pm - 6pm

8yrs+ / 6pm – 8pm

Saturday General Gymnastics 1hr Classes

5yrs – 14yrs / 10am – 3:30pm

Membership & Fees 
2019 - 2020
 Yearly Membership
October 2019 - September 2020
Pre- School & General Gymnastic Fee's 
45mins - 1hr session per week
 over a three month term (currently Jan / Feb /Mar 2020).
All classes run as normal on all Public Holidays & School Holidays except in December 
Please note we do not currently accept card payments 



Terms & Conditions 

Please carefully read  the following terms and conditions to express your understanding of these rules and to confirm that they will be followed at all times. Breaking our terms or conditions can result in loss of place and withdrawal from the club and/or monetary loss.

1. If your child is more than 10 minutes late, they will not be able to participate in the class.  If the warm up is in the finally stages it is ultimately up to the coach weather they feel there is enough of the warm up left the prepare the gymnast for the physical demands of the session.  
2. Sickness/injuries/illness if you bring a gymnast to a session and the coach does not feel the gymnast is physically fit for the session. The gymnast will not be allowed to participate in the session and the parents will be called to collect the gymnast.  
3. Parents are not permitted to enter the gymnasium. If you have any question or quires regarding you gymnast you can book a time to speak to lee-Anne Phillips head of general gymnastics at reception or by sending an email to
4. The child must wear appropriate clothing (shorts and t-shirt/leggings and a
vest/leotard are all acceptable). No hoodies or any item of clothing that covers the head/face.
5. No jewellery is permitted under any circumstances, even if the jewellery is of religious belief, this is due to health and safety of the gymnast.
6. Please remove shoes and socks before you enter the gym, they must not be left
in the gym at any time. All belonging brought or left in the gym are at the gymnasts own risk.
7. Please arrive 5 - 10 minutes before the end of class to collect your child, or, call
us on 0207 511 4488 if you are going to be late for any reason.
8. If someone has to come to collect your child on your behalf, we will need notice
prior to the beginning of class or for reception to be contacted in emergency to notify who will be collecting your Child/Children.
9. News, notifications and reminders will always be displayed on the TV monitor
in the reception area as well as letters being handed to the gymnasts. We have
now also created a general gymnastics mail list to send information and
reminders relative to your child's class (please ensure that we have your most
recent email address). You will not receive any emails if you wish to opt out of the mailing list.  These updates include, but are not limited to, closing
10. General Gymnasts doing to or more hours must hold a current Bronze British Gymnastics Membership, which is the responsibility of the parent/Gymnast to set up. If you fail to set up the British gymnastics membership, you gymnast will not be allowed to participate in any of the sessions. Please note not refunds will be given for lost session due to no British Gymnastics Membership. 
11.Photo's & Footage, From time to time we may take photos or footage of our members in the Centre and place them on our notice board, website, in newspapers, on television or use them for promotional purposes. If you do not wish for the named applicants image(s) or footage to be used in any way you must let us know in writing immediately addressing the letter to the "E.L.G.C Welfare Officer" ensuring that the applicants name is clearly visible. Unfortunately if you do decide not to allow us to take photos or footage of your child this could result in your child not being able to take part in club events.


Current Members Fees & Term Dates

January - February - March 
(Term fees due before - 15th December 2019)
April - May - June
(Terms fees due before - 15th February)
July - August - September 
(Terms fees due before - 15th May)
Membership renewal
(September 15th)
Please be aware if fees are not paid on time your space will not be held for the next term. 

Where Our Gymnastic Classes Full.. Join our holiday Camps?

You can still join one of our amazing school holiday camps...

Due to our great success with our summer camps and popular demand, we decided to run more holiday camps throughout the year.
With us, your children will enjoy fully structured gymnastic sessions by our enthusiastic British Gymnastic coaches. Our two day course will provide the opportunity for your children to train on all the different types of apparatus in gymnastics. This will give your children a great insight into the world of gymnastics. 
All abilities are welcome!
Waiting for your gymnast? 
Join our Fitness Gym!
Free membership for parents who have children enrolleded in our gymnastics classes. 

Take advantage of our new training facility "The Training Den!" 

Keep fit whilst you wait for your gymnasts. 

We have Personal Trainers avaliable to help you achieve your goals!

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