Personal Trainer Rental

Rental Agreement 


The 'Training Den' is a unique and exclusive training space for personal trainers. With a maximum of only eight personal trainers the den will never become crowded.

  • 2 Months @ £200 per month
  • After 2 months @ £350 per month
Monthly Rental Rates
Pay as you Go Rates
  • £15 per client


Term & Conditions


You will be representing The Den & East London Workshop


Personal Trainer Fees

  • 2 Months @ £200 per month

  • After 2 months @ £350 per month

  • Open times: Weekdays 9:30am - 9:30pm / Saturdays 9am til 7pm / Sundays 9am - 9pm.


Gym Conditions

  • All PT’s rent is due on the 1st day of each month.

  • PT's are to make sure all consent / disclosure forms are to be signed.

  • PT’s are responsible for leaving the gym tidy at all times and if you notice damaged or unsafe equipment please put to one side and inform management straight away.

  • All PT’s will need to provide East London Workshop Ltd. with a copy of their personal training and first aid qualifications.

  • PT’s must book all their clients session times in at reception in advance.

  • All PT’s and clients must sign in and out of every session.

  • All clients must be members of ‘The Den’.

  • All PT’s are self-employed and have the responsibility of paying their own tax and NI on earning.

  • ELW will provide public liability insurance; any other insurance requirements are the responsibility of the PT.

  • If Clients wish to train outside of PT sessions must be members of ‘The Den’ and pay a day rate of £6