Personal Training 


Kettlebell / Olympic Bar Training / Circuit Training / Gymnastics / Calisthenics / Pure Body Weight / Flexibility 


Technique Building

  • If you are new to circuit training or any form of fitness training and want to learn the basics, this is for you. You will be taken through all the building blocks you need for training efficiently and correctly. 

  • We will also provide technique building in all aspects gymnastics strengthening.

  • Our personal trainers are qualified in all areas of fitness including Kettle Bell / Olympic Bar / Body Weight / Flexibility 


Specific conditioning 

  • Gymnastics Strength Conditioning / Working on Muscle Ups / Handstands / Planches / Flags



  • Working on flexibility is a vital part of training. Our technical approach to flexibility training is to improve strength throughout the entire range of movement over the body. This will also play a big part in injury prevention and improve your range of motion across the body.


Injury Prevention

  • Whether you’re just getting into training or highly experienced; injury prevention should be a priority. Our Trainers will take you through a range of exercises working on all problem areas that are common with training. They will also give you a chance to ask about any other specific problems you’re experiencing.


Competition Fit

  • Our Personal trainers will be able to prepare you for any fitness challenge you may have your sights set on.  We can provide you with for all the necessary training whether it be in our Training Den or our Olympic Gymnastics Hall 





- General Fitness
- Gymnastics strengthening
- Competition Fit
- Circuit training
- Calisthenics
- Pure Body weight training
- Flexibility
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