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Personal Pole

Whether you’ve never done Pole Dance Fitness before or you're a seasoned pro, I invite you to benefit from 1-2-1 personal attention with a tailored session all about you.

Together we focus only on you, your goals and your journey, spending quality time dramatically improving your pole skills and confidence.

Gold Flexy Membership

I really want to get fit & toned, improve my flexibility, as well as learn loads of awesome pole tricks and dance routines.


I am short on time, with a busy life so need something flexible.


I want to get stronger and fitter and in a fun and friendly way with like-minded, sociable people.

Platinum Unlimited Membership

I want to get fit and toned up FAST! I want to get stronger, more confident, improve my flexibility as well as learn as many pole tricks and dance routines as possible - and I want to do it NOW!

I expect rapid fitness improvement and I want variety during the week with my classes to ensure a real overall Pole Dance body workout, motivation and inspiration!

                            Becky was so welcoming and 
                            despite how nervous I was in my
                            first session (and having a panic
                            attack) Becky was supportive and understanding. I wasn’t worried at all about society’s perceptions of pole fitness because Becky showed me what an art form it can be as well as a way to keep fit. 

I look forward to pole class and challenging myself in whatever form the class takes. I have definitely become more body confident as well as becoming stronger and more resilient.

Becky and her pole dance classes have really made a big, positive impact on my life!

Amy Beckton

                           I wanted to get stronger but also have a                             lot of fun. I did have reservations about                               starting Pole Classes. I was worried                                    that I would be surrounded by complete experts who had been for years and no room for a beginner like me. How wrong was I! I love both the beginners and mixed ability classes. 


From the minute Becky replied to my nervous message asking to join, I knew she was the teacher for me and I had absolutely no reservations about working with her. She is so friendly and welcoming. Even when a move doesn’t click or I just don’t get it that week, the support for each other and particularly from Becky is brilliant and I know that I’ll get there eventually, whether it’s the week after or a few months down the line. 

I’ve loved every minute of working with Becky. The classes are the perfect balance for me – they are professional and you learn so much each week, but at the same time they are friendly, accommodating to everyone, and we have a real giggle.

Shannon North Woolwich

                          For as long as I can remember I always had                              an issue with my body and was deeply                                      unhappy with what I saw in the mirror, I                                    would look in the mirror and see a fat reflection. Now, I wear bright clothes, I am in love with colour! I am at peace with my body and embrace my curves that define me. 

P.s. I am much much much happier!

Rushana Woolwich

                           I’d recently started a new office based                                 job and was really struggling to fit in                                     time to exercise. I tried going to the gym                             but I just didn’t enjoy it whatsoever! I knew I needed some kind of exercise in my life that would keep me motivated to go every week, enjoy myself and get fit!

When I first started pole, I was worried because I could see Becky and a few of the others had been going to pole for a few years that looked really good. Some of even the most basic moves were so hard for me and it took a lot of effort. I was worried I wouldn’t pick it up but after a while it all came together & before I knew it I was learning more complex techniques and going upside down on the pole!

It’s been more than just a pole dancing teacher, but someone who is genuinely interested in you and your health & most importantly having fun! You can ask to learn a certain move and Becky will work on particular areas of strength to build up so that you can nail it! She puts so much dedication into us I can’t imagine working with anyone else.

The best result is that I am now feeling so much more confident and fit! I go every single week and it’s the part of my week I most enjoy!

Georgia Stratford

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Claim Your Free Pole Dance Fitness Taster Class

Just click on the button below, enter your details and pick a date, to claim your

Free Pole Dance Fitness Taster Class