Private  Sessions 

With Private sessions you are able to focus on any area gymnastics you enjoy the most. Weather your getting back in to gymnastics or just starting for the first time. No mater your age or ability  we cover all artistic gymnastic apparatus including, strength & Conditioning flexibility and Acrobatic skills . All our professional coach's are British Gymnastic qualified and will help you towards any goals you may have. 

What can you Learn 

  • Acrobatic Skills 

  • Men's & Women's Artistic Gymnastics 

  • Strength and Condition

  • Flexibility 

  • Stunt Training (For Uk Stunt register)

  • Stunt Testing (For UK Stunt Register) 

Terms & Conditions 


Gymnastics is a very high risk activity, even with a Qualified coach and safety measure in place.  Gymnastics is physical very demanding and its important that you are in a good physical condition and injury free. Please be aware the open sessions is a supervised session and is for adults with experience in gymnastics and should only be training skills they are already competent in. Our Taught session is a structured session and you must listen to the coach at all times. Please do not practice anything you have not been given expressed permission to by the coach.


Please read all health and safety information, if you do not understand please ask a member of staff 


  • Ensure you are  in a good physical condition and injury free before participating in gymnastics.

  • Understand the inherent risk involved with gymnastics.

  • Never attempt skills that you are not competent in before.

  • If you have any questions regarding safety or equipment please ask the professional coach on Duty.

  • While taking part in any activity in the main gymnasium SAFETY must be uppermost importance.

  • ALWAYS work within the limit of your ability.

  • The coach has the authority to stop you from attempting any skill they deem to be unsafe.

  • Make sure you use adequate safety mating.

  • Never wear jewellery or restrictive clothing in the gym

  • Do not take part in dares or indulge in pranks.

  • No supporting is permitted in these sessions.

  • Trampolines and pitted areas can be extremely dangerous, take care when using them. Ensure adequate mating is surrounding the trampoline. Ensure a coach is present before using the trampoline.

  • We have a zero tolerance for abusive behaviour towards any member of staff. It may result in you being banned from the premises indefinitely.

How to book 

In order to book private session with us, please send us through a email with the following information.

  •  What would you like to achieve?

  • your preferred method of contact 

  • Your availability for private sessions 

  • any other special requirements 

 From here we will assign you a coach that best suit your requirements. You will be contacted by the coach to set up your private session