School Holiday Gymnastic Camps

6 yrs - 14rs

British Gymnastics Qualified Coaches / Fully Structured Gymnastics

With us your children will enjoy fully structured gymnastics sessions by our enthusiastic British Gymnastics coaches. Our two day course will provide the opportunity for your children to train on all the different types of apparatus in Artistic Gymnastics. This will give your children a great insight into the world of gymnastics. 
All abilities are welcome!

Holiday Camp Dates 2020

2 day camp - 3hrs per day £54 per child 

Camp 1
Mon 17th Feb
Tues 18th Feb 
1pm - 4pm
Camp 2
Weds 19th Feb
Thurs 20th Feb
1pm - 4pm
How does the session work 
  • Please arrive 15 min before the session starts.
  • There will be a membership form to fill out. 
  • Register your child with a member of our coaching team.
  • Gymnasts will start with a 20min fun and engaging warm up.
  • 1 hour rotations of apparatus, starting with Floor Basics & Skills.
  • 20 min break (Small healthy packed lunch required)
  • 1 Hour rotation of apparatus, continue to work on improving skills.
  • 10 Games & Conditioning. 
  • 10 min Gymnast cool Down.
  • Collect your gymnasts from the gymnasium. 
What do I need to know?
  • Clothing must not restrict any movement (no jeans, no hoodies etc) 
  • No jewellery.
  • Please provide a bottle of drinking water and a small healthy pack lunch for the session. (Not available on site)
  • No more than 15 mins late to a session, if you arrive after this time, your son or daughter will not be able to participate that day.
  • Parents are to sign their children into each session with the coaching team.  
  • Children are to be collected outside of the gymnastics hall after each session.  
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