ELW Studios Yoga 


 Starting towards the end of February

Vinyasa Flow Yoga 

Our vinyasa flow classes are designed to both challenge the body and quieten the mind by synchronising breath with movement in a continuous flowing sequence of yoga poses. Vinyasa Flow classes will help you find fluidity and openness in your body while building strength and flexibility. Set to an uplifting playlist vinyasa flow will leave you feeling energised and inspired. (Suitable for all levels) 

Power Yoga 

Our power yoga sessions focus on the fitness-based and strength building aspects of yoga practice through an intense and dynamic yoga sequence. Using high power poses, strong balances and inversions, this class will help you develop dynamic muscular strength and flexibility as well as agility. (Not suitable for beginners.) 


Gentle flow yoga

Gentle flow yoga is a slow and calming class focused specifically on resetting the bodies natural alignment, releasing tension and reviving the free flow of energy through the spine. By holding poses slightly longer and going deeper into gentle seated postures, our gentle flow sessions are the perfect way to soften and relax. (Suitable for all levels)

All classes are running on trial period and are subject to change. 
Bookings for all sessions Required!
Day & Times 


Thursday Studio One 

Vinyasa Flow Yoga 7pm - 8pm

Saturday Studio One 

TBC Shortly 

More exciting classes to come as demand grows.

 Sessions Entry Fee
£10 per session