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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most common questions we are asked, if you do not find the answers here or on the activity pages, then please do feel free to get in touch.

General Gymnastics

How do we sign up for Gymnastics?

Enrolment is done online

Go to the General Gymnastics page, click Registration. Once you have created a parent portal account, you can see all available classes and you can place yourself into a class from there. If a class is not available you can place yourself on a waiting list.


My child is 2, can they join?

We start our general gymnastics program from 3 years to 14 years only.

How long is the waiting list, how long do I have to wait?

This is difficult to answer, when someone either drops out of a class or moves to a different day/age group, or if fees were not paid, only then spaces become available for us to select people from the waiting list to fill the spaces.


My child cannot attend today, can we come tomorrow instead?

No, I'm afraid not. When you register your child for gymnastics classes, the day you chose will be your regular class each week.  We can only change your class going forward on a permanent basis (spaces permitting) if you decide the original day you chose is no longer best for you.

How much is it to join?

Gymnastics fees are £130 per term (3 months) and there is also an Annual Membership fee of £54 which runs from October to September each year. The fees are prorated, and you can join whenever spaces are available, you will just pay for what is remaining of the term.


How do I pay for the fees?

The best and easiest way to pay is online via the parent portal, you will be notified when fees have been applied to your account to pay. We do also accept cash at Reception, we do not take card payments at Reception.

I paid the fees, can I cancel for a refund?

You can cancel anytime for any reason, If your child does not want to continue, we can refund your £130 (minus classes taken) but the £54 annual membership fee is non refundable.

I paid £130 for Gymnastics, why do I need to pay another £54?

Gymnastics fees are every 3 months, which is £130. The £54 is a yearly membership fee running

from October through to the following September, this payment is to British Gymnastics for Insurance purposes.

I paid the membership fee already, why do I need to pay again?

The membership is a yearly payment, the cycle runs from October through to the next September

if for example you start Gymnastics with us in August, you will be paying a reduced membership fee (prorated) 

to cover when you start, until the end of that particular year. Then from October you will be paying the full £54 as 

it renews again until the following September.


Do you do trials? Or Taster sessions?

We do not run regular trial or taster sessions but we have started trialing taster sessions, we have only offered these during the school holidays, please keep an eye on emails from us as we will let everyone know when we are offering them.


I have registered my child, what do they need to wear?

They should wear anything they would normally wear for school PE class, i.e. leggings, jogging bottoms, t -shirt, vest etc.

Nothing too baggy, more of a snug fit. Earrings such as hoops need to be removed, studs need to be removed or taped up (with plasters) and hair needs to be tied up. 

Your child will not be wearing shoes during the class and will be barefoot.


I was turned away as I was late bringing my child to gymnastics, why? 

It is a legal requirement that before any child is to partake in a physical activity such as Gymnastics, they must do the warm up procedure by a trained coach. We allow upto 10 minutes after the class has started as this is how long the warm up session lasts. If you are more than 10 minutes late and the warm up session has ended, you will not be allowed to join the class. As the children would not have done the warm up and they are then at risk of injury, which we try to avoid. So this is always a decision for the child's safety and well being. We do advise to arrive at least 10 minutes before your class start time to allow for this and avoid the disappointment. 


I was late bringing my child to Gymnastics, they don’t need to warm up as we ran here.

When we say ‘Warm up’ this would include lots of stretches to get those muscles loose and ready for Gymnastics,

this is different to running. Even before a run, you should ‘warm up’ those muscles, with stretches. 


Do you take any form of vouchers as part/full payment for Gymnastics? 

I’m afraid we do not take any form of vouchers as part/full payment.


How long are the classes?

Pre School classes (3 years to 4 years) are 45 minutes but once they reach 5 years old, the classes will be 1 hour per class.

How many classes per week can my child do?

For £130 per term, you will be doing 1 class per week, if you wish to do more, this is perfectly fine, it will be an  

 additional cost of £130 and so on, so for 2 classes per week, the fee would be £260 per term.

We have an appointment and my child cannot attend their regular class, can we make the time up and attend another day?

I'm afraid not, it's not how the General Gymnastics programme runs. When you sign up to gymnastics, you select a day that best suits you. Same as everyone else, if you cannot attend, we cannot move a child into a class that is not your regular as there is a maximum amount of children in the class per coach. We cannot ask other children to be moved on a temporary basis to accommodate your child, same as we would never ask your child to be moved for someone else.

There are waiting lists for classes, when a child moves up to the next age group or if someone cancels their gymnastics class, only then spaces become available.

Adult Gymnastics

Do I need Adult membership, I am only coming for 1 session?

Everyone taking part in adult gymnastics classes will require the annual membership for £15, this is compulsory.

It will be valid for 1 year from the day you purchased it.

I have membership, do I have to book online? can I just walk in and pay for my session.

You can, although we do encourage members to book online, this then secures your booking.

We have a max capacity of 50 people in the session at a time, if it reaches 50 and you haven't booked online, you will not be able to join the session.

Do you take card payment?

We don't at reception, we only take cash. You can however pay for your session/membership online with your card.

Can my friends/partners come and watch me train?

We do not allow anyone inside the gym who is not a member and not joining in the session to watch. We do have TV screens up stairs in the restaurant, they are able to watch from there.

Can I teach/spot my friends in the session?

Under no circumstances is this allowed in the gym at any time, if you are seen and asked more than once to not do so, you could be asked to leave the gym, if consistently asked by the coach in other classes, this could potentially lead to a ban.

I booked a session in advance but now cannot make the session, could I transfer the session?

We can allow this under our discretion, we may decline your request if the session is full and you contact as when the session is about to start. We then lose a space that could have potentially been sold to someone else. We then lose the money for that session as you are then taking up another space on another day.

If we do allow, we will issue you a coupon code which can be used on the payment screen next time you book a session.

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