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& General Gymnastics


Our General Classes are fun and exciting for boys and girls of all abilities ranging from ages 3yrs - 14yrs! We are a high performance centre and have the ability to take gymnasts up to the highest level in artistic gymnastics. Our pre-school gymnastic classes are 45 minute per session and general gymnastics sessions start with an one hour session per week. During the enrolment processes gymnasts are placed into correct age groups form here will then be placed into ability groups. From here your gymnasts will be constantly monitored by our British Gymnastics coaches & head of general gymnastics. If selected, your gymnasts will be moved up in our general gymnastics program ranging up to 3 hours per week, it's also possible gymnasts are selected for our advanced general program or our Squad development plan. From here your gymnasts may be selected to enter our elite or squad program in our elite gymnastics hall

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Pre-School - 3yrs to 4yrs

45min Class Per Week

Classes run on these times (register to see availability)

Monday 4:15pm to 5pm 

Tuesday 4:15pm to 5pm

Wednesday 4:15pm to 5pm

Thursday 4:15pm to 5pm

No Pre School runs on Friday 

Saturday am 9:00am - 9:45pm 

Saturday pm 2:40pm - 3:25

Children's General Gymnastics - 5yrs to 14yrs

1 hr Class Per Week

Classes run on these times (register to see availability)

Monday - Thursday 

5 yrs to 7 yrs - 5pm - 6pm 

6 yrs to 9 yrs - 6pm -7pm

8 yrs +  - 7pm - 8pm 


5 yrs to 7 yrs - 4pm - 5pm

5 yrs to 7 yrs - 5pm - 6pm 

6 yrs to 8 yrs - 6pm -7pm

8 yrs + - 7pm - 8pm 


Ages 5+ runs from 

10am - 3:30pm 

(register to see availability)

2hr + General Gymnastics Classes are by selection only by coaches

Gymnasts are constantly assessed throughout their sessions and will be selected to move up when ready.



Gymnastics Fee Per Term (3 months)


Annual Membership (runs from October to September



Gymnastics fee's are prorated, meaning you will only pay 

when you start until the end of the current term, for example, if you start during the term period, your fee will be reduced to reflect the classes missed. We do not currently offer trials.


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